Nov. 16th, 2008

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No, seriously. You can't step outside without smelling the fire and seeing the ash floating everywhere. My family had to evacuate early yesterday morning, but since they're jerks, they left the cat behind, so I drove home to get her. The main streets were all closed, but I sneaked in through the side streets. She has never left the house in her eight years, so she was pretty upset when I kidnapped her.

Despite having a very angry cat locked in my bedroom, I still managed to have a ton of fun at the Hanson concert last night - barring the stupid drunk blonde bimbo in front of me who kept having her boyfriend pick her up every two minutes. And Tay is still very hot, despite some weird growth on his face.

I had a terrifically epic dream last night. I dreamt that I was part of some Torchwood-like organization that was led by none other than the dashing Captain Jack Harkness. The first part of my dream consisted of some dramatic backstory for me. My great-uncle Bill Nighy (wat lol) was trying to kill me to prevent me from inheriting the family power or something lame like that, so I escaped and joined the Torchwood-like organization under an alias.

We went on a bunch of exciting missions that I can't remember and then decided to take the day off by having a picnic at the local community center. There, we ran across a crazy volleyball coach (he was crazy because his team never won), who turned out to be an alien. He got into a fight with the old couple who ran the community center, so I went in to break up the fight, only to discover that the old man and woman were also aliens! Tadum! Some team member named Mia took the dinosaur eggs the old couple was hiding (I have no idea), and I held them back while Mia escaped to safety. The old lady had super alien strength and kept trying to stab me with a pocketknife. Eventually, Jack came to my rescue, and joked that the old lady only had a pocketknife anyway. I replied that a pocketknife would be a slower, more torturous death.

Somehow, in my dream, this constituted flirting.

Then we were on a new mission, traveling through the desert, until we came upon the lair of a sleeping giant alien spider (this may or may not have to do with the spider that fell on my lap last night and scared the crap out of me). Jack told us to back up slowly so as not to wake her, but of course she woke up anyway. We had to run back through the desert, but there were all these quicksand pits, and people kept falling into them. Most of my teammates and I finally made it to the end of the desert (which was just a door...?), but one girl driving a jeep kept getting cut off by the spider. I remember thinking scornfully that she was the only one with a jeep, yet she couldn't out-drive a spider.

So anyway, brave Jack went running back in to distract the spider so the girl could escape, but he ended up falling into one of the quicksand pits. I decided at this point that I was madly in love with Jack and dashed back to rescue him, but the spider jumped on him first, and they both disappeared under the sand. A few seconds later, his hand popped out (in time with dramatic movie soundtrack music), and I grabbed it and helped him out. I asked him how he had ever managed to wrestle a giant spider in a quicksand pit, and he replied that he had gotten some help. At this point, the black villain guy from Serenity showed up and was like, "Hi, I want to join your organization!" I knew he was a villain because I recognized him from the Serenity movie (lol), but he was like, "This is true; I have been spent to spy on you. But you're going to let me join anyway because I have not yet done anything wrong, and I saved Jack's life." WTF I don't know.

Then Jack and I made out!


But, alas, it was not to be my Mary-Sue moment, because I realized he wasn't very into it. My mind reasoned, "Oh, it must be because John Barrowman is gay," and I was really disappointed.


Stupid cockblocking dreams. D:


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