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I had a really horrific nightmare yesterday. The feeling of absolute terror still comes back to me when I recall it.

What horrors lie beneath the cut? )
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Last night, I dreamt that it was the morning of the wedding, and the bridesmaid dresses still had not come in, so I took two of my bridesmaids and went to a warehouse owned by Lucius Malfoy (this year's hot new designer!) to search for them. We looked through floors and floors of dresses without any luck, and finally, I went back to the manager (who had by now just transformed into the less fearsome Jason Isaacs) to complain about it. He assured me they could sew something together in time for the wedding, so I returned to my hotel room, where my parents were lounging around. I asked them if they were going to get ready, and they told me that they had decided to attend their high school reunion that day instead (hahaha wut).

I glanced at the clock and noticed that it was already time to take pictures, even though I hadn't gotten my hair or make-up done yet. Then I realized I hadn't even booked a hair or make-up artist, so I started making frantic phone calls to random people, but the phone kept getting picked up by some weird preppy singing schoolboy (don't ask). At this point, the bridesmaid dresses arrived, and they were this silvery metallic abomination, compliments of Jason Isaacs. My brain kicked in at this point and I said aloud, "This HAS to be a dream. Too much stuff is happening!" and I ordered my sister to pinch me (this part was weird...I have never asked anyone to pinch me before, even when I knew it was a dream). She did, and nothing happened, but I still somehow used that as evidence to conclusively prove it was a dream and ended it on the spot.

If only I always had that much power in my dreams!


Dec. 14th, 2008 08:56 pm
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I dreamt that Rose got plastic surgery to look like a man because that was the only way she could fool the gap between dimensions and jumped back over to this world so she could hook up with Real!Ten, and Man!Rose and Real!Ten met up in an airport and decided to get married on the spot, and their wedding was officiated by Iggy Pop.

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No, seriously. You can't step outside without smelling the fire and seeing the ash floating everywhere. My family had to evacuate early yesterday morning, but since they're jerks, they left the cat behind, so I drove home to get her. The main streets were all closed, but I sneaked in through the side streets. She has never left the house in her eight years, so she was pretty upset when I kidnapped her.

Despite having a very angry cat locked in my bedroom, I still managed to have a ton of fun at the Hanson concert last night - barring the stupid drunk blonde bimbo in front of me who kept having her boyfriend pick her up every two minutes. And Tay is still very hot, despite some weird growth on his face.

I had a terrifically epic dream last night. I dreamt that I was part of some Torchwood-like organization that was led by none other than the dashing Captain Jack Harkness. The first part of my dream consisted of some dramatic backstory for me. My great-uncle Bill Nighy (wat lol) was trying to kill me to prevent me from inheriting the family power or something lame like that, so I escaped and joined the Torchwood-like organization under an alias.

We went on a bunch of exciting missions that I can't remember and then decided to take the day off by having a picnic at the local community center. There, we ran across a crazy volleyball coach (he was crazy because his team never won), who turned out to be an alien. He got into a fight with the old couple who ran the community center, so I went in to break up the fight, only to discover that the old man and woman were also aliens! Tadum! Some team member named Mia took the dinosaur eggs the old couple was hiding (I have no idea), and I held them back while Mia escaped to safety. The old lady had super alien strength and kept trying to stab me with a pocketknife. Eventually, Jack came to my rescue, and joked that the old lady only had a pocketknife anyway. I replied that a pocketknife would be a slower, more torturous death.

Somehow, in my dream, this constituted flirting.

Then we were on a new mission, traveling through the desert, until we came upon the lair of a sleeping giant alien spider (this may or may not have to do with the spider that fell on my lap last night and scared the crap out of me). Jack told us to back up slowly so as not to wake her, but of course she woke up anyway. We had to run back through the desert, but there were all these quicksand pits, and people kept falling into them. Most of my teammates and I finally made it to the end of the desert (which was just a door...?), but one girl driving a jeep kept getting cut off by the spider. I remember thinking scornfully that she was the only one with a jeep, yet she couldn't out-drive a spider.

So anyway, brave Jack went running back in to distract the spider so the girl could escape, but he ended up falling into one of the quicksand pits. I decided at this point that I was madly in love with Jack and dashed back to rescue him, but the spider jumped on him first, and they both disappeared under the sand. A few seconds later, his hand popped out (in time with dramatic movie soundtrack music), and I grabbed it and helped him out. I asked him how he had ever managed to wrestle a giant spider in a quicksand pit, and he replied that he had gotten some help. At this point, the black villain guy from Serenity showed up and was like, "Hi, I want to join your organization!" I knew he was a villain because I recognized him from the Serenity movie (lol), but he was like, "This is true; I have been spent to spy on you. But you're going to let me join anyway because I have not yet done anything wrong, and I saved Jack's life." WTF I don't know.

Then Jack and I made out!


But, alas, it was not to be my Mary-Sue moment, because I realized he wasn't very into it. My mind reasoned, "Oh, it must be because John Barrowman is gay," and I was really disappointed.


Stupid cockblocking dreams. D:
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I dreamt that for her 21st birthday, my sister Bebe decided to go out and hire "escorts" to, well, escort us around town (WHY ARE MY DREAMS RATED PG). Somehow, I ended up with Takeshi Kaneshiro as my escort, but before anyone gets too excited, it wasn't really him. It was this short, not-as-hot version of him (bootleg?!?). So I went around town with bootleg!Takeshi, and even though he wasn't the real version, I was still really nervous around him. I could not walk straight for the life of me and kept falling over, no matter how hard I tried, and he kept having to prop me up, with this look in his eye that indicated he thought I was some silly stupid girl who kept falling over on purpose. We walked around a bookstore for awhile (guess that's my sister's idea of "a night on the town"), and then returned to this video store to return our escorts (WHAT). Takeshi immediately disappeared while my sister attempted to sort out the bill. It occurred to me that perhaps I should have tipped my escort, so I ran outside to look for him.

Suddenly, my escort wasn't Takeshi anymore, it was Peter Pevensie (THE REAL DEAL THIS TIME, NO BOOTLEG VERSIONS HERE). I shyly handed him $5 and said I had a great time (LOL DREAM SELF IS STILL CHEAP). He smiled and said he enjoyed our time too, and it suddenly occurred to me that damn, he looks very hot right now. So I started flirting with him, and he flirted back and asked me for my number. Very excited, I ran off to find pen and paper, which, of course, was nowhere to be found. Finally, I picked up this rainbow pen and a random flyer and attempted to scrawl my name and number on it somewhere, but the pen kept bleeding rainbow ink all over the place.

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I haven't had a zombie dream in a while. It's been like what, two weeks? Ha.

So I once again dreamt that zombies were taking over the world, and I was stuck at home. All my super-cool swords were at my apartment, leaving me with some cheap dull ones. I was hiding out in my room, trying to find all the swords buried in my closet, when I heard tourists outside my window. My house had somehow transported into the middle of a Florida swamp, and the tourists were there to look at the crocodiles. I tried to open the window to warn them that the crocodiles were probably zombie!crocodiles at this point, but I couldn't get the window open. I decided to charge down the stairs to get to the tourists, while hacking at the zombies with my dull sword and hoping for the best, but when I opened my room door, I discovered that the zombies had cloned my cat! (I don't know how the zombies acquired cloning technology.) So I had to fight off all these zombie!kitties while searching for my real kitty, all the while stabbing with another sword to keep the hungry zombies at bay.

Sometimes, I'm pretty badass in my dreams.


Sep. 4th, 2008 10:55 am
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I had the fullest weekend EVAR, and I am exhausted.

On Saturday, we spent the entire day shopping at Chinatown, and then the entire evening at the Hollywood Bowl, watching Les Miz. Which was awesome, as always, but not as awesome as it usually is because it was the horribly truncated-for-time version. But, LES MIZ!!!

On Sunday, we drove down to Redondo Beach and ate an expensive amount of delicious seafood. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the beach, renting paddle boats, eating ice cream and churros, and playing at the ghetto arcade (SURPRISE BOXES FTW). Then at night, we went to a karaoke bar on the pier and watched drunk people sing karaoke. And I actually did a song, oh snap!

Anyway: TIRED
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I had a totally awesome dream filled with epic adventures and heartfelt drama.

Unfortunately, I don't remember most of it.

But I can recount little bits and pieces of it. I was Lucy, and I was in the middle of some bitter Narnian war between tree people and stags. Apparently, the tree people did not appreciate what the stags were doing to their forests or something like that. Anyway, I was trying to stop the fighting, which had been going on for centuries, but no one would listen to me. Suddenly, it started storming, and a huge flood came and swept all the battlers away. I was flailing around in the water, and I noticed that even though they were swimming/drowning, the stags and tree people were STILL fighting, and I despaired. I was struggling under a wave when Peter showed up and pulled me up onto dry land (AWW PETER IS THE BEST BIG BROTHER EVER).

Suddenly, I switched to being Peter (WHAT LOL) and I was swordfighting with a bunch of evil pirates. They did all sorts of gruesome things like barbecue one of my crewmembers alive (um, was I a pirate too? Arr, Pirate!Peter.) and attempted to drown me by tying my feet and tossing me overboard (REOCCURRING THEME?). Fortunately, because I was so entirely badass, I managed to still swim AND rescue another guy, all the while tied up! At this point, I departed Peter's body and just became a spectator, so I had the luxury to think things like, "Wow, he's so HOT tied up!" Um yeah.

ANYWAYS. Next, Peter and Edmund were wandering around, lost in this swamp. It was completely pitch black around them, so they couldn't find their way back to land. Edmund had this brilliant idea to taste the water, because he said that water got less saltier the closer it got to land (WTF). He started scooping water into his mouth and excitedly pointing out the right direction, and he made some lame joke to Peter about not peeing in that direction because he didn't want to be tasting THAT.

At this point, the whole bloody thing turned into a MUSICAL, and St. Nicholas showed up and began singing this song called "Pee Into the Ocean." IT WAS A LITTLE EPIC. I thought to myself, "OMG, this must be the rest of that elusive Narnia musical! I can finally get the rest of the songs and upload them to [ profile] foraslaaan"!



Yay dreams

May. 20th, 2008 04:36 pm
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I dreamt that Boyfriend had this "funeral suit" and he wanted to give it away to someone that would die soon, so they could get some use out of it. The first person he offered it to was Kevin Sorbo, who was extremely offended and said, "Why would you think I'm going to die?! It's not like I'm that old!!!" and Boyfriend was like, "Well, I didn't know! It's not like you're making any movies!" Kevin Sorbo was very hurt at this and went on a huge long rant about how he was still very young and had a promising career ahead of him, and he wouldn't ever need a funeral suit anyway, ever! Then Boyfriend started calling other random actors, but no one would take the suit, so I think I told him to throw it away, surprising both of us with my non-Chinese wastefulness. The End!
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Posting about my two dreams, which contained two favorite dream subjects: zombies and celebrities.

First, I dreamt that I was with some random chick, and the two of us were running from some zombies. I told her that I had to meet some friends (random generic dream friends) at a coffee shop, so the two of us headed over there. We waited for a long time, but they never showed up. Finally, she turned to me sadly and said, "If they're not here by now, they're not coming at all" in that ominous tone of voice that can only mean they've turned into zombies. Sure enough, my friends rambled in at that exact moment, clamoring for our brains. The girl and I kicked their asses and ran all the way back to the girl's house. We were upstairs trying to regroup, while her son was downstairs practicing piano. After a few moments, her son shouted, "Mommy, no one's arrived yet for my birthday party," and she replied, "Son, if they're not here by now, they're not coming at all." There was a sudden movie "DUN DUN DUNNNNNN" moment as the quote hit home and we looked at each other with realization crashing down upon us, and then we both dashed downstairs. Well, guess what we found? A whole BUNCH of mommy and children zombies who had arrived for the kid's birthday party! They were ambling around the boy as he sat at the piano.

The girl screamed, "DON'T MOVE!" and then she and I proceeded to go around and...well...bash up a whole bunch of mommies and little girls and boys in party outfits. I AM NOT A DISTURBED PERSON, THEY WERE ZOMBIES!!! D:

Anyway, we grabbed the kid, hopped into a car, and started driving around the city. Because of all the traffic jam, we turned into a parking garage (always a brilliant idea when escaping monsters), only to find the parking lot crawling with zombies (duh). Since we couldn't back out (about ten more brilliant people had followed suit and were behind us in this narrow parking garage), we began driving the car upwards, hoping that at the roof would be a bridge to another building or some other means of escape (I KNOW, SINCE WHEN DO PARKING GARAGES HAVE CAR ESCAPES ON THEIR ROOF). On our way up, we saw frantic people driving back down, screaming, "THERE IS NO ESCAPE" at us from their cars. We disregarded them and continued on our way up to the top, only to discover there was absolutely no car exit on the roof (BIG SURPRISE). I hopped out of the car, trying to think fast, since a horde of zombies was slowly ambling out towards the trapped group on the roof, and I saw a fire escape ladder on one side. Score! Since everyone else was too busy screaming and being useless, I ran up to the ladder and started unhooking it. Apparently, the ladder was folded up several times, so I had to climb down a few rungs, unhook the next section, and so on until I reached the bottom. Then I started yelling at the people to hand the children down the ladder first and then climb down in an orderly fashion (which, surprisingly, they did).

Almost everyone had made their way down except for a few of my friends (yes, somehow they were in the parking garage too), and I was shouting at them to come down, when they simply vanished. I started freaking out and ran around calling for them. Suddenly, the dream switched, and I was in some type of summer camp, only the camp took place in an alternate universe. Dave was our camp counselor and advised me to go speak Them - apparently, the nameless people who controlled the camp/alternate universe - about my missing friends. I went up to some dude in a suit and sunglasses, and he told me that I would just have to wait and see. I became a bit hysterical and demanded that they bring my friends back immediately, but he just stood stolidly by this door (the door back to my own universe?!) and insisted I wait. A few minutes later, much to my great relief, my friends reappeared unharmed.

And...I can't remember much after that. But, uh, at least it had a happy ending?

My second dream sounds a little anticlimactic now, but it was still exciting in its own way. I dreamt James Marsden was my English teacher! And he was really hot, the end.
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Yesterday, I dreamt that I was holed up in a house with my family, fighting off a pack of zombie dogs. All we had to do was survive until morning, so I dragged the heaviest stuff in the house over to block off the three entrances into the house. I went upstairs to fetch another weapon, and when I came back down, all my barricades were gone.

I asked my dad what had happened, and he replied that I was making a mess with my barricade, and he had done some cleaning up, and why did he always have to clean up after me?! Extremely pissed and just a little bit in disbelief, I pointed out that the barricades were, you know, saving our lives from the zombie dogs outside. My dad simply sniffed and said we could just put up the blockades again when the dogs started attacking. I tried to point out that this wouldn't work very well at all, but he wouldn't listen to me. ARGH.

Apparently, my dream was also very low-budget, because even though there was an entire pack outside our house, each time the dogs attacked, only three dogs would appear inside my house (the same three dogs, too). The boss fight also included me and this other skinny dude hopping around each other waving broken bottles.

I'm still mad at Dream!Dad.
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I dreamt yesterday that I was in a skating competition. When I went out for my warm-up, there were a whole bunch of other people out on the ice with me, including my sister, Dennis Phan, Sasha Cohen, Inoue/Baldwin, and an old Russian lady. I was a bit embarrassed that everyone was way better than me but was determined to do my best anyway, so I started warming up a lot of double Salchows. 'Cuz, uh, that was like the only jump in my program or something.

Anyway, there were a bunch of preppy boys laughing together in the corner of the rink, scratching something into the ice. Sniggering to themselves, they left, and everyone crowded around to see what they had scratched into the ice. Turns out they had drawn a little heart and written "Warren <3's Stacey" in the middle.

This is where it gets WTF. Apparently, my co-worker Warren was a pairs skater with this girl named Stacey, and they were not going out, but the scratch on the ice started a rumor that they were, which embarrassed them horribly and made their training sessions awkward. Suddenly, my whole dream turned into a musical, and a group of girls dressed in tacky gold outfits with hearts all over them skated out into the ice and did an entire musical number for Warren's benefit. The song was called "Valentine's Day Number" or something. Err, yeah. I'm not sure how that was supposed to make things less awkward, but logic has no place in my subconscious.

I woke up soon after that. But here's the REALLY weird part. When I told the boyfriend my dream, he told me that he had dreamt we all went skating with my sister, and Warren came with us, but we had to go really early in the morning, because Warren insisted he could only train when they pulled the two rinks together to create a giant rink, and they only pulled the rinks together in the morning.


So when I go into work on Monday, first thing I'm gonna do is ask Warren if he used to be a competitive ice skater. I mean, these dreams on the same night can't be coincidence, right?!?
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I dreamt that I was in some surreal Alice in Wonderland type of world, only it was done very artsy-movie style. I skipped around in some medieval setting, waiting to put a crown of flowers in my hair (haha), when I saw the princess of the land. She looked very sad, and people whispered that it was because she had been chosen to be the main character of the movie (...right).

Suddenly, I was the princess (of course), and I had to find these evil scientists that were doing experiments in an underground lab. These dangerous experiments were threatening my kingdom and had to be stopped! I ran downstairs into a creepy room full of empty hospital gurneys, where a bunch of zombies attacked me (what dream of mine is complete without zombies). I knew I had to find the head zombie and kill him to stop the rest of them from spawning, so I turn around the corner where he had to be and find... dun dun dun... Kurt Cobain! But of course, he was Zombie!KurtCobain. Just as I was about to kill Zombie!KurtCobain, he went "rawrgghghgh" and looked really sad, so I felt really sorry for him and was like, "It's okay, Zombie!KurtCobain! I feel your pain! You only became a zombie so you could keep playing your music! Play on! Play on!" Then I let him shuffle off into the sunset holding an acoustic guitar.

Well, it was dramatic in the dream.

Then I ran down to a lower level, where the scientists were working on their Ultimate Experiment. They would first build a giant monster man, and then a pair super-powerful twins that could match him in power. One or the other would be destroyed in a fight to the death, and the scientists would work on rebuilding him/them better. I said that this cycle of violence must be destroyed (so profound)! The twins heard me and were like, "She's right! What have we become!" So the next time the scientists rebuilt them, they immediately stabbed each other with poison-filled syringes, and as they died, they hugged and said, "My only regret is not to have known you, brother!"

Again, it was really dramatic in the dream.

Then the dream switched to something completely different. I vaguely remember trying to plug grapes into electrical sockets before waking up.

The End.

In more sane real life news, concert yesterday. Silverchair still rocks, Daniel is still the sexiest man alive, and they can still put on some of the best live shows ever.
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I dreamt that [ profile] mr_mitts was my English professor (WTF LAWL). On the first day of school, he gave us a pop quiz with vocab words like "Fight Club" and "Hey There Delilah" (I don't know), only I heard him wrong and thought he said spelling words, so I only wrote the words down. At the end of class, he came over and was like, "Why did you leave all your vocab words blank?" and I was like, "CRAP! They were vocab words?!? I thought they were spelling words! I must've been distracted because I was trying to find my notebook while you were talking." Then Mitts went, "LAWL, too bad I'm going to mark them all wrong," and left. Bastard.

So then I hopped into this van waiting outside and called Vinny, and started sobbing, "I'M NOT GOING TO PASS ENGLISH CLASS THIS SEMESTER AND IT'S MY BEST SUBJECT!!!" and Vin was like, "It's ok, at least we have Summer Fridays!" Suddenly, my friend Joyce popped up and went, "I want to hang out with you after work, but I'm sick of all the usual Summer Friday places, so let's go somewhere cool." Which is odd because I've never hung out with Joyce on a Summer Friday. But I assented and headed to work, which was in a state of perpetual semi-darkness (exactly how I like it). When I got there, though, I couldn't get any work done because our computers were just filled with strange zigzagging lights.

The End!

Two Dreams

May. 10th, 2007 09:11 am
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First, I dreamt that Lea Salonga and Tiger Woods were playing golf in this weird labyrinthine maze made of gold, and Lea was winning.

Then I had yet another zombie dream. WTF is wrong with me? I was part of this group of convicted criminals (you know me, totally the hardened criminal type), and we were thrown into a dark dungeon while the world was being overrun by zombies, and I figured at least we were safe in there. Then the authorities decided that as part of our community service, we would be sent into the future to battle the zombie boss and kill the zombies once and for all. The whole environment was extremely futuristic; in fact, it looked exactly like a video game, huge, unheard of guns and all.

I thought that was a rather stupid idea; I protested, why not send us back into the past so we could kill the zombies when they first started springing up, and cut the epidemic off at the source? But they didn't want to listen to a lowly criminal like me, so a bunch of us were trundled into a large chamber and shipped off to the future. We ended up in this underground sewer-like place and decided to split off in pairs to hunt the zombies. I ended up with this lady who looked like the blonde lady in Planet Terror but like ten years older and ten times trashier. While I was running around with my gun, jumping around corners and yelling, "AHA!", she disappeared into a room where I later found her hitting on a random guard that had come with us. I shouted, "Thanks for leaving me alone, you slut!" and she said, "NO U!"

And... I can't remember much more than that.
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Dec. 19th, 2006 05:21 pm
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I dreamt last night that Bob Saget was my dad, and he sent us to live in this mini castle that transformed at night to some place in Narnia, and my three British siblings and I had to go and help the little dwarf people fight with our big person weapons.

The end.
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Three nights ago, right after my Johnny Depp dream, I guess my subconscious decided I hadn't had enough, so this time I had a Jack Sparrow dream.  I dreamt I was getting onto this cruise liner, and some officer was dragging Jack onto the same ship in handcuffs.  Jack was just like "LAWL I AM A PRISONER" and I was like "LAWL" back at him.  Then some crew came over and were like "YOU GUYS CAN'T BE ON OUR SHIP!  THERE IS THIS GHOST THAT FOLLOWS US AND YOU WILL BRING BAD LUCK AND THE WRATH OF THE SPIRITS!" and they throw me and Jack off the ship. D:  WTF.

So somehow he gets his handcuffs off, and Jack and I go our separate ways and start wandering the docks.  This next ship arrives, and EVIL MEN™ jump off the ship, looking for slaves.  They capture me, cut my hair short, and dye it blonde, which is apparently the mark of a slave (WTF LOL).  Jack sees me while hiding from behind a barrell and goes, "Yes!  They only needed one slave, so they will just take her and leave me alone!" but then he sees my short blonde hair and goes, "NOOO I FEEL BAD BECAUSE HER HAIR IS SO SHORT AND BLONDE" (WTFFFFF) so he attacks the men and rescues me.  Suddenly, we're both in the ocean and swimming for our lives, and it's really dark.  I think, "Wow, the horizon looks really fake... almost like cardboard" and then I woke up. 

The next night, I dreamt about CAPTAIN BARBOSSA.  Barbossa was back on his own pirate ship, but for some reason, they had run out of planks, so no one could walk the plank anymore (OH NOES).  I was his daughter (HAHAHAHA), so he asked me to go find him some planks.  Obediently, I put on my jetpack (yes, jetpack) and blast off the ship.  It became sort of like a video game, because there were all these tiny little islands scattered around the ocean, and I had to land on the island as smoothly as possible or else I would roll off into the ocean (Super Monkey Ball, anyone?).  It was really hard to control since my jet pack was all ghetto and would sputter around in the air.  I went from island to island but couldn't find any planks, and I began to get worried because my workplace had a field trip coming up and I was afraid I would miss the bus.  Then I woke up.

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I dreamt that Johnny Depp and I were sitting on a picnic blanket, talking about our jobs, and I said I wouldn't mind making $20 million a movie.  He immediately got all shifty-eyed and went, "What?!  I don't make $20 million a movie!  No one's supposed to know how much I make!"  And he was so worried and concerned about his privacy that I didn't have the heart to tell him that I read it on IMDB.  Then I was admiring his hair because it looked like it did in Finding Neverland, and I was like "Is your hair naturally curly?" and he was like "Yes it is!" and he let me touch it.  (LOL HAWT)

Suddenly, Angela burst into the room and was like, "You guys have to see this new game!  It's awesome!" and Johnny was like, "Ohh cool" and ran off, while I went, "Nooooooooooo, damn Angela for ruining my one-on-one time with Johnny Depp!"  I followed them into this room, where there was a large screen depicting the new game.  It was a Lord of the Rings game, set after Gandalf has fallen down with the Balrog.  He is reborn with SUPER SPEED, and now he goes around these Elvish woods (that looked more like a jungle) with a sidekick blonde woman scantily clad in leaves, blasting stuff at other evil creatures with SUPER SPEED.  I tried playing the game, but the SUPER SPEED was too much for me and I kept crashing Gandalf into the trees and walls and stuff.  Then Johnny was like "I WANT A TURN LOL" and he started playing while Angela and I waited at the entrance of the game, which was this large stone doorway.  I said, "Did you know Johnny has naturally curly hair?" and Angela went, "O RLY."  Then the entrance started flooding over, so we ran through the doorway, where the game was real now, and I thought, "Oh crap, I'm going to crash into all these trees!" 

And woke up.

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