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I dreamt yesterday that I was in a skating competition. When I went out for my warm-up, there were a whole bunch of other people out on the ice with me, including my sister, Dennis Phan, Sasha Cohen, Inoue/Baldwin, and an old Russian lady. I was a bit embarrassed that everyone was way better than me but was determined to do my best anyway, so I started warming up a lot of double Salchows. 'Cuz, uh, that was like the only jump in my program or something.

Anyway, there were a bunch of preppy boys laughing together in the corner of the rink, scratching something into the ice. Sniggering to themselves, they left, and everyone crowded around to see what they had scratched into the ice. Turns out they had drawn a little heart and written "Warren <3's Stacey" in the middle.

This is where it gets WTF. Apparently, my co-worker Warren was a pairs skater with this girl named Stacey, and they were not going out, but the scratch on the ice started a rumor that they were, which embarrassed them horribly and made their training sessions awkward. Suddenly, my whole dream turned into a musical, and a group of girls dressed in tacky gold outfits with hearts all over them skated out into the ice and did an entire musical number for Warren's benefit. The song was called "Valentine's Day Number" or something. Err, yeah. I'm not sure how that was supposed to make things less awkward, but logic has no place in my subconscious.

I woke up soon after that. But here's the REALLY weird part. When I told the boyfriend my dream, he told me that he had dreamt we all went skating with my sister, and Warren came with us, but we had to go really early in the morning, because Warren insisted he could only train when they pulled the two rinks together to create a giant rink, and they only pulled the rinks together in the morning.


So when I go into work on Monday, first thing I'm gonna do is ask Warren if he used to be a competitive ice skater. I mean, these dreams on the same night can't be coincidence, right?!?
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Ok, now I'm starting to get really nervous.

But at least it's optimistic nervous?


Oooh. NBC.


Jun. 9th, 2004 09:50 pm
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BB got selected for a Grand Prix assignment! Japan, no less. Hmm, I must start preparing a list of stuff I want her to buy for me...

Weirdness. Johnny Weir doesn't get to go to Skate America and Sasha Cohen's only got two assignments (does Michelle coming back really take up that much room?). Oh well, not that I care. Woo!


May. 16th, 2004 08:34 pm
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Saw Troy this weekend. Gah, I've been waiting for this movie for so long! It was wonderful of course. Lots of muscular guys in short skirts stabbing spears/swords while angsting periodically. Nothin' like the thrill of seeing two huge armies clash against one another. Plus, Peter O'Toole was classic.

Saturday went to a cheesy little skating school show where their biggest stars were BB and Steven Cousins. Cute, entirely way too long, but showed alot of effort put in. Jenn, if you and I had the means, we could do an awesome show.

Went to a little sci-fi con in Pasadena today. Val Kilmer showed up, but not alot of people seemed to want his autograph (would YOU pay $15 for him to sign something? Not I!). The VA panel was really cool though. Included (off the top of my head) Johnny Yong Bosch, Mona Marshall, Shery Lynn, Kari Wahlgreen, Dave Wittenberg, Tom Wyner, and some more from Ghost in the Shell. Most of them were really friendly and amusing. Johnny was really quiet, but he did oblige us with a very hearty "LOVE AND PEACE!" and then as a bonus, "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" If that didn't make the con worth it, I don't know what would. I got my Wolf's Rain poster signed by everyone, idiotically blurted out to Bosch and Wahlgreen that I was a huge fan (*note to self: keep mouth shut), and had an amusing moment with Dave Wittenberg. He had wrtten "Natalie, you rock!" on my poster, when Tom Wyner leaned over and exclaimed, "Did you just write 'Natalie, you suck'?!?" to which he responded with a horrified "NO! That's an "R"!!! She knows me better than that!" Justin bought a cool Azumanga Daioh storyboard paper, and I bought a rapier. Right. A rapier.

Lud, I'm such a geek.
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Had an awesome weekend. Thanks to BB's connections, we all got nice tickets to Champions on Ice at the Pond, and Angela got to come along too! The show was great fun. I love the Chinese pairs' program the most, but everyone was pretty good. Lots of mistakes going on, but eh, it's the off season, so what can you expect? Sasha, as much as I don't like her, had the *perfect* exhibition program for herself, and it was absolutely adorable. Michelle Kwan and Josh Groban music always make for a VERY nice mix. Got stripped at by Philippe Candeloro and Dan Hollander (in very different ways). I've also realized that I now have a strange infatuation for younger gay men. Disturbing? Yes. But I can't help it! Johnny Weir is just way too darn cute. I snapped a picture of him when we were backstage with applaudable fangirlish frenzy. I also got to take a picture with Shen and Zhao (yay!), Evgeny Plushenko (boy was Angela happy), Timothy Goebel (*squee*), and Philippe Candeloro (mostly because he was last to come out, and I wanted to get rid of the rest of my film; I hope he didn't hear me saying that). Timmy Goebel actually went up to BB and said "Hi, sweetie! How have you been?" and hugging and kissing her while Angela and I stared in red-faced envy. Just as we were about to leave, some ladies recognized BB and we got swarmed by a small crowd of autograph-seekers, which Angela and I found vastly amusing and very cool. It's always nice to live vicariously.

On to sadder news, Justin called to tell me that my hamster Pippin died last night (he stays at Justin's because I can't keep him at my apartment this year). :-( Poor MEHOD, he was really a king amongst hamsters. Maybe all the steak that Justin gave him was bad cholestrol for his old age, but at least he died happy. I'm really sad that I didn't get to see him in his last few days; he was really quite adorable, and I've got lots of memories associated with him when Angela and I would secretly hide him in the dorms...

R.I.P. Pippin!


Jan. 20th, 2004 04:38 pm
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I fell asleep in class again today. Not to mention I was late to my first class, and also managed to forget to do the very first homework assigned in the quarter. In three of my classes, we've started to talk about the second book of the syllabus, and I haven't done an ounce of reading. Hmm, I've really got to start kicking these bad habits of mine. Someday.

Sunday night was AWESOME. My family and I saw Stars on Ice, and we had seats in the 5th row. I've NEVER sat that close to anything before (spoken from years of trying to make out which black speck on the ice was BB, and just which brown-haired dot was Martin Guerre anyway), so it was quite the luxury. Very, very nicely-done show. Everyone was awesome, but my highlights were Todd Eldredge's brilliantly choreographed Spanish guitar program, and any group numbers that involved all the guys in bright colored suits (even though there was the sad notable absence of Ilia, it was nevertheless an exceptionally good-looking male cast!). John Zimmerman has the prettiest head of hair in the world!!! He's also quite smoking in everyday white dress shirts and jeans. Ahem, but I was speaking of the skating. Great show, very well choreographed, and isn't Scott Hamilton the cutest? We met Alexei Yagudin during intermission, and he shook our hands. He has a scooter! Isn't that cute?! Then afterwards, we met Todd Eldredge, who is a really friendly guy. He chatted with everyone while he signed autographs and took pictures. I was reduced to a blithering mess of fangirl goo, unable to speak, and only able to let out intermittent squeaks of excitement, while occasionally letting out a high-pitched giggle. Then we met Yuka Sato, said hi to Scott Hamilton and Paul Wylie, took a picture with Alexei, ambushed Todd Sand for his autograph, and then met Elena Bereznhya. I've noticed all the Russians are really stolid. They greet you stone-facedly, mechanically thank you for the compliments, then march off. Oh well, I was too busy grinning to notice much. Lots of fun all around!

Now I'm hungry, so I'm going to eat. Announcement, over.

I'm back!

Jan. 14th, 2004 07:49 pm
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Did anyone miss me? No? Well, that's to be expected. At least my cat missed me! So now school begins once again, and I've already got a stack of books that I have not touched yet. Someday, I'll start reading. In the meantime, I'm having a ton of fun with the mp3 player Justin got me. It is now my best friend when I make that long trek to Mount Doom...err, I mean...class. Why must I be educated anyway? Why can't I just grab a sword and go to war like Eowyn, and nab myself the son of the Steward of Gondor along the way? I'm taking this Science Fiction class that I thought would be lots of fun, but it's not. No cool geek young guy teacher like I thought. We have this stuffy old lady with a high nasally voice. I didn't hear a word she said all day.

Atlanta was fun. I think BB got terribly misjudged and unfairly pushed down because they don't let anyone break into the top 6 for the sake of the unenlightened TV audience. Which I think is an incredibly stupid reason to judge unfairly. Bah. But it was a fun trip (as long as I wasn't walking down 40 flights of stairs because some eejit had to go pull the fire alarm early in the morning). At least Michelle won! And at the competitors' party, this drunk guy pair skater hugged BB and kissed me. It's very amusing to watch skaters get trashed. It's also fun to be standing on the dance floor next to Michelle Kwan. And it's also uber-cool to be standing with your sister and have Nancy Kerrigan walk up and congratulate her (I swear, my jaw hit the ground with an audible thud). Poor Timmy Goebel, he needs to shape up for next season (so does BB). Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Stupid skating judges (or at least 6 of them; the other 3 agreed with me that BB should be higher up). Ooh, BB got a mention in TV Guide though. That was cool!

I think that's all the excitement in my life. Hmm...did I see any movies? Oh yes, I saw Peter Pan, and I loved it to death! Age-wise, it's wrong for me to say this, but Jason Isaacs made an extremely sexy ol' Captain Hook, and Jeremy Sumpter was an adorably cute Peter Pan (could he have a cuter grin?!). I need to get me a sword and go fighting on pirate ships! Sigh, instead, I'm stuck going to fencing practice and getting jabbed by people. I ache everywhere.


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